Through references taken from Classical iconography, Nicolas Maureau questions how male individuals express their manhood. His paintings most often show scenes where protagonists, while in opposition to each other, reveal the social, collective and historical value of the manly pose.

He finds his models on the Internet, candid pictures taken in public places. These candid sitters usually ignore that they are being photographed, but are self-conscious enough to act in full accordance with the social stereotypes of their genre. Nicolas Maureau's paintings thus substitutes to the attitudes which used to be captured by academic paintings different ones, governed by another convention centered on the male status.

The iconographic themes he chooses, which may appear obscure to the layman, yet which retain a symbolical, historical and cultural import, bestow his paintings a polysemic value which wards off any naive illustrative effect.
The watcher is then invited, while having to deal with the title of the work together with the actual scene as it is represented, to an imaginary self-reconstruction.
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